Ilian Iliev is very professional and dedicated photographer as well as he has very nice and helpful personality. During the workshop with him in HRC we had a great time. We were taught food photography and next to the theory we always had a fun projects and competitions which made the classes so interesting!
Izabella Marinova 


I attended the food photography workshops run by Ilian at the HRC academy, Sofia.  The classes were easy to understand and very informative, with a mix of theory and hands on practical demonstrations, which gave a good overall understanding of the subject.  The skills taught are easily transferrable, and can be used in other areas of photography.  Overall, very enjoyable and a good life skill to have.  
Kathy Thomas


Ilian's workshop was one of the subjects I have had during my culinary education. It was really interesting and useful.
During his workshop I have got a basic skills in photography but most important for me was that I have changed my view. I have started to see the food in a different angle. I have learnt not only how to take pictures of food but how to arrange it in a better way which is crucial in my job.The workshops were always in a good atmosphere and times were passing by very fast. I find these workshops very useful for me.
Atanas Kostadinov


It lasted for 2 weeks and was just great. I learned a lot about photography and cameras. All the basics from how to use different functions of a camera, what main terms are and what functions, set, lightning, etc. should I use in any different occasion possible.
We had some homework to do too. Like taking pictures of variety of dishes in different sets. And feedback from Ilian what was done correctly and what the mistakes were was given on every single picture.I hope that I will get to use these new skills in my career in culinary.

Julius Valatkevičius