ilian iliev began his career in photography as a news photographer before moving to London and starting a new career in commercial photography, developing his own unique style, balancing commercial appeal with an acutely artistic eye. He has over 30 year’s experience working in editorial and commercial projects specialising in food styling and photography, both locally and internationally. He shoots from his Cambridge based kitchen studio. His clients are publishers, magazines, hotels, restaurants and food companies such Mornflakes, Felicini Restaurants, Hamlyns of Scotland, Bäkehaus, Lacrima, Harry Specters, Cherry Tree Bakery, Metropolitan Hotel, Casino Flamingo-F, AstraZeneca, Manchester University. His work appears in Waitrose food, BBC GoodFood, Olive, FOUR, Culinary Artist, Professional Photographer, Digital Photographer and The Rock magazines. 
ilian also teaching food styling and food photography at HRC Culinary Academy and also private workshops for a small groups and one to one lessons. 
He has published two cookery books both are awarded with Gourmand Best in the World Certificate.
ilian also has more than ten solo photo exhibitions, the most successful ones are:
1998 “Old Houses” – Sofia 
1999 “War in Kosovo” – Sofia
2000 “Mount ATHOS” – Sofia, London, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Bratislava and Plovdiv
2004 “Ballet Portraits” – Sofia
2012 “Edible Art” – London, Moscow, Manchester, St. Petersburg, Sofia