Food Styling and Photography with Ilian
Whether you want to explore a new career in food styling and photography or are seeking to improve your existing food styling and photography skills, these workshops will arm you with the knowledge to succeed.
During the workshop you will acquire essential skills, such as working with studio and natural light, styling and propping, composition, postproduction editing and much more. You will learn how to see food differently and develop your own style.
Food styling and photography isn’t just about setting up and shooting a fabulous image, it should bring all the senses of the viewer alive. The appetite starts with the eyes but truly great food photography makes the food so real and attractive that the viewer feels like they can smell and taste it too. Ilian will show you how to achieve this.
There is now a unique chance to learn food photography from Ilian, one of the best food photographers and stylists in the business. Several types of workshop are being offered; both one to one or in small groups. Varying locations and times are available. 
Ilian is an author, food stylist and photographer based in Cambridge, UK. He has over 25 year’s experience working in editorial and commercial projects specialising in food styling and photography, both locally and internationally. 
Ilian has published two cookery books and held solo exhibitions throughout Europe in Sofia, London, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Warsaw, Bratislava, Plovdiv, Moscow, Manchester and St. Petersburg. His recent cookbook “Cooking with Yogurt” was awarded the Gourmand best photography cookbook in the UK 2016.

For details please email:  workshop@ilian.co.uk