The Food Hedonists

The Food Hedonists - culinary art book by Milen Zlatev, Ilian Iliev, Milen Panev

The Food Hedonists - culinary art paradise complemented with fine art photography, 61 recipes, 87 color art images, 176 pages 

The book photography was awarded: Gold Winner - Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021- Book Fine Art

Hedonism. The ethical theory devoted to the pursuit of pleasure. Human beings, for as long as we have existed, have used art as a means of escapism and, subsequently, pleasure. Whether through grand religious paintings, beautiful sculptures or dazzling fashion, throughout history people have turned to art as a source of joy. Food, one of life's greatest necessities, has and will continue in the same way. Food is one of the core aspects of the human experience. 176 pages cookbook by three friends culinary experts, hedonists chasing the joy of the food.

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