Cooking with Yogurt

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Eaten for hundreds of years, yogurt has been a staple food for many people all over the world, who have long appreciated yoghurt's culinary versatility as well as its health benefits. As part of a healthy balanced diet, yogurt can provide you with this nutritional goodness, which can benefit your health.

This indispensable cookbook offers a wonderful selection of inspiring and creative yogurt recipes, using a range of nutritional ingredients. These delicious yogurt combinations together with precisely chosen spices will satisfy even the most fastidious tastes.

Ilian's authentic culinary training ooze through his recipes, providing you with accessible dishes that bring mouth-watering results to adorn your dining table. Nutritionally, Ilian's recipes include many wholesome and healthy ingredients such as eggs, nuts, garlic and oats.

His use of a variety of fruits and vegetables creates a visually stunning masterpiece to our eyes, as well as their many nutritional qualities. Accompanied by beautiful photographs that serve to whet the appetite, Cooking With Yogurt is the ultimate yogurt recipe book.

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