Bulgaria - food for celebration

This book is a celebration of friendship and tradition. Bulgaria is a good example of how people from different ethnicities, with different religions and traditions can live together in peace. This cookbook will celebrate this diversity by presenting eighty traditional recipes all related to the palitra of celebrations and festivities in Bulgaria. On the pages you will find a typical Orthodox Christian celebration food like Christmas "Sodena pitka" or Easter "Kozunak", Ramadan "Haleem" or "Kebab", Hanukkah "Challah" and many more like the Armenian Matnakash bread and roasted cockerel for "Bango Vasil", the Gipsy New Year. Chef Oktay Hyusein has developed and cooked all the recipes in this book. On some pictures you may not immediately will recognize your grannie's celebration food but believe me it's just a visual. All the recipes keep the same test as the traditional recipe and the food was cooked with the traditional products and touch of modern influence.

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